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Culture & Careers

Professionals Dedicated to Developing Excellence

We’re always proud of our finished work because we know what it took to get there. The success of our projects — even the most ambitious — always boils down to individual efforts and accountability, day in and day out. That’s why we cultivate an environment where every person takes ownership of our success so everyone can share its rewards.

We hold a stubborn dedication to excellence — for both ourselves and our clients. To put that dedication into practice, we make every decision with respect to our four core values:



We never sacrifice safety for productivity; each process is designed to ensure we prioritize the well-being of every employee and partner involved in the construction and development of a Magleby project.


Proactive Communication

Our clients’ success is too important to us to make assumptions or stay silent. We work to keep open and transparent lines of communication to make sure goals, timelines, and expectations are always aligned.



A “we” mentality is a necessity for our team. While our smaller size keeps us flexible and efficient, it also requires even greater teamwork and accountability to make sure we hit our milestones on time and within budget.



We make every decision with respect to the investors and stakeholders supporting our work. By keeping value high and costs low, we continually push ourselves to find creative solutions to maximize profitability.

Our best today. Even better tomorrow.

Unparalleled Career Opportunities

When you join the Magleby Development team, you join a select group of highly experienced professionals who have earned the distinction of being leaders in luxury real estate development. For the right person who’s ready to join a high-performing team, Magleby Development offers incredible benefits you won’t find just anywhere.


Gain niche experience in an exciting, new area of development that’s innovating the future of wellness living.


Earn responsibility quickly and determine how high you want to climb.


Be empowered with greater flexibility, thanks to the latitude of a smaller team.


Develop groundbreaking partnerships with brands in the wellness space.

Build a Career With Us

If you are ready to expand your development career in a new and innovative area of luxury development, we may have the perfect opportunity for you. Contact us to inquire about how you can join our fast-growing team today.

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